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ollz, thanks for the tip The "right" way to get high performance is not to "over-optimize" performance early in the project, and then hope you have enough money to go for it when you are in crunch time (ie. late in the project). Rather, you should plan for the project and know the performance issues up-front. This saves you a lot of time and money in the long run. But the real question is, what is "the right way"? But I will give you one tip that I've learned over the years: If it feels like your program is too slow, it probably is too slow. That means even if you think that your code is perfect, it probably isn't. Time to optimize. Don't wait until it feels slow, or if the load happens to be high. A: tl;dr: Fastest way to get your application working is still the GUI "glue" The amount of time it takes your app to finish loading/rendering/etc. has little bearing on overall performance. What is the fastest way to get my GUI up and running? Well, I'm not a front-end dev so I can't provide much more than a hand-wavy recommendation, but I can point you in the right direction. First, understand the major differences between platform. Android, iOS, Windows etc., and how they differ. If you're making an Android app, you might want to consider building from a pure Java SDK since it has a platform-specific VM underneath. If you're making an iOS app, you might want to look into the platform-specific SDKs. Then, learn the platform-specific best practices. For Android, you want to load data from a network when you start and cache it in memory in order to minimize the amount of times that you're requesting it. After you have learned the platform-specific best practices, I would recommend you research techniques for improving load times. Making a web application is less a matter of framework choice and more a matter of simply using the correct technology for the job. Here is an example of a mobile-specific backend that uses ASP.NET MVC:




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Timing Solution Advanced Crack By Almomayaz200543 25l [Latest 2022]

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