We've Always Done it that Way... Really? Why?

The Most Dangerous Phrase in Today’s Expedited Freight Market is

“We’ve Always Done It This Way”

It is a new New Year! This is the Perfect Time to Plan for a New Future!

At one point or another, you have heard the phrase “We’ve always done it this way”. Six words that individually are all great words… “we’ve” is inclusive, it is a nice word. “Always” means a long time, another nice word…you get the picture. But together? Dangerous!

It is very important to read those words in the right context.

Let's break down the phrase:

“We’ve always done it” . This is wonderful. We certainly do not want to stop what successful freight companies have done in the past. We still want them to arrange for the pick up and delivery of freight. We still want to be sure freight arrives on time and in perfect condition. But, when companies add the words “this way” , that is when the phrase becomes dangerous.

To be competitive, and to grow in today’s expedited freight marketplace, we need to change the words “this way” to “with the future in mind” -

Imagine running a company embodies the credo, “We’ve Always Done it... with the Future in Mind” .

To be able to live by this forward thinking phrase, companies need take a hard look at the old “ways” . Companies should reevaluate the outdated processes and methods they still continue to use.

Moving into the New Year, our focus should be to strive to make some positive changes that not only will grow your customer base, but will also retain customers. By simply adding automation to many back office tasks, customers see higher retention rates for instance.


Because none of the email requests go unanswered and the response to a rate quote request is lightning fast. As a result, you convert more quotes into shipments.

But it is not only customers that automation helps a company to retain. Because the mundane tasks are handled through automation, it allows employees to pursue more meaningful aspects of their jobs. Your humans will interact on a more personal level with customers and vendors, because they have the time to do so. The entire industry could certainly benefit from Human interaction that is more personal and less mundane. In other words, Let’s talk more about our Children and less about Charges. Let’s engage more in People and as we automate Pricing.

Each of us should challenge the status quo and define innovative ways to gain market share, improve efficiency and optimize profits. At EFTIG (the Expedited Freight Training & Innovation Group) we show customers how to do things with the future in mind.

EFTIG , a member of the Airforwarder Association, helps small to midsize companies compete by introducing them to cutting-edge technologies, co-managed staffing alternatives, consulting & coaching, company assessment, and innovative training services. We provide scalable solutions for companies of all sizes.

Our Group was founded by a cadre of industry Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Influencers with decades of experience. Every one of our staff members have a passion for Expedited Freight and a determination to revolutionize it's processes.

Based on the notion that believes that "For an Expedited Shipment to be Truly Expedited, the Entire Process Must be Expedited", EFTIG is here to help others in our industry do what they do best, but to do it better, faster and for less money .

We build solutions by first putting them to practice in Real Life Situations. We have been through the trial and error processes and we know how to analyze the information and customize our offerings to meet the changing market needs and specific customer requirements.

The Expedited Freight Training & Innovation Group offers to Airforwarders:

  1. Expedited Freight Operations Training

Training is focused on the skill development of the individual. We provide hundreds of operations and sales training modules as well as management and executive training that will help transform your business. We also provide training on the leading TMS systems, Expedited Processes and Procedures, Hours Of Service Regulations, Expedited Freight History, Factoring, Shipper/Carrier Agreements, and much more.

  1. Sales and Leadership Training

Great Leaders and Salespeople Inspire, Motivate and Influence. We show companies how to build top-performing teams. We help Develop Competitive Advantages, Execute Strategy and Lead change. We work with leaders to Foster innovation. EFTIG's programs help build the confidence, skills, and presence needed to lead teams to success.

  1. Freight Rate Quoting Engines, Mobile Applications & Websites

Looking for a Freight Quoting Solution that saves you and your customer time? Let EFTIG help develop a system for you that will allow customers to receive a rate quote in as little as 15 seconds. We have a patent pending system that has been tested and proven to increase sales for one of our customers by over 400%. Automation makes this customer first to respond to quote requests and they are winning over 90 percent of their quotes (an increase from 40 percent prior to automation). Plus, with RPA, a quote opportunity is never missed. Solutions are available through Website, Mobile App and Email (RPA/AI read the incoming email, query the quote database, and respond instantly without human intervention).

  1. Process Automation and Virtual Assistants (AI, RPA, API, & Integrations)

Your people are Human! Let them be Human! Let us help you build technology solutions for many rote tasks internally with robotic process automation (RPA), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). For more complex initiatives such as automating its entire accounting process, EFTIG will introduce clients to its partner Hubtek.

Imagine a team of bots entering orders into your Transportation Management System 80% faster than your fastest human, and with 100% accuracy. The bot enters it’s TMS system as a user, scans documents, forms and emails for data, and transfers the data to the TMS.

By automating many of the mundane quoting, booking, tracking and accounting processes associated with each shipment, customers are able to provide much faster service while maintaining competitive and accurate pricing.

  1. Company Assessment & Strategy Coaching

Training, coaching, strategic planning, and industry networking designed to accelerate your growth, profitability, and company development. EFTIG and its partners provide hundreds of operations and sales training modules as well as management and executive training that will help transform your business.

  1. Staffing Through Co-Managed Talent

Do you need more people, but local talent is hard to find, too expensive, or not qualified? Let EFTIG help. Through our strategic partnership with Hubtek, we can have you up an running with a satellite office in Medellin, Colombia. Through a combination of unparalleled industry training, professional onsite management, and world class talent at a significant cost savings,we give you the right ingredients to build your outsourced branch.

EFTIG employs a passionate, experienced and talented group of entrepreneurs and expedited freight industry veterans with proven groundbreaking ideas, training programs and strategy skills that we hope will contribute towards a better tomorrow.

We provide smart solutions for ground and air expedite companies of all sizes and we pride ourselves on our innovative, disruptive, and thought provoking strategies, technology enhancements and training and coaching modules that ensure success.

At EFTIG - Expedited Freight Training & Innovation Group, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead smaller companies towards a successful future that in the past was only available to the big players with deep pockets.

The choice is yours.

You can keep doing what you do, the way you have always done it. Or, you can let EFTIG show you how to do things you’ve always done, “With the Future in Mind” .

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