EFTIG develops first of its kind "Multi-Option Freight Quote App" for Direct Expedite

Available now on Google Play and the App Store

Freight Forwarders -

Let Direct Expedite LLC help you win more Ground Expedite business!

Statistics show that over 80% of shippers book with a Ground Expedite provider that responds first to quote requests.

Our experience is that the "quote to book" ratio is even higher if the Ground Expedite freight quote response is within the first minute.

With DEXi QuoteBot and our Patent Pending Instant Ground Expedite quoting system, we give companies an edge over their competitors, leading to more wins and happier customers.

Freight Rate Quotes are available via email, our website or our State of the Art mobile app in about 15 seconds! - NO ONE ELSE CAN DO WHAT WE CAN DO!

Further, with a literal "click of a button" our DEXi Book It Bot reads your Rate Confirmation or BOL and enters the shipment into our Sylectus TMS system in about a minute.

At Direct Expedite, we have reduced or eliminated all together mundane tasks such as quoting, data entry for booking and manual tracking. Our team members are able to re-purpose countless hours each week to focus on developing new business strategies, better vetting of carriers and drivers and personalizing customer experiences.

Let us show you how by using our processes, you can provide responses to requests for quotes, freight booking, and tracking to your customers within seconds - without human intervention.

For a shipment to be truly EXPEDITED, we feel that the entire process must be EXPEDITED. At Direct Expedite, we have expedited the process by providing rate quotes (with GUARANTEED Capacity) within 15 Seconds, Booking into TMS in about a minute, Hard Copy POD within 15 minutes of delivery, and Payment to Carriers within 48 business hours of delivery.


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