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What can Technology do for me to help grow my business?

Though automation, Direct Expedite, EFTIG's first customer has documented over 200% increase in business without having to add any personnel. The have stated that by being the first back to the customer with a competitive rate quote they are winning substantially more business. Additionally, technology initiatives for most companies will result in an 80% faster response time with 100% accuracy, which is huge for customer satisfaction and retention.

What is Outsourced Talent? What is Nearshoring and Co-Managed Talent

Outsourced talent is a solution many companies use to complete tasks that cannot be done in-house, or in-house will be more expensive and less efficient. There are different types of outsourcing - our partner, Hubtek, uses a nearshoring model.

A nearshoring model means that your satellite office is located in a country close to you. In our case, we take advantage of the proximity of Colombia and the U.S., with flights to and from the two countries often taking the same amount of time as domestic flights within the U.S. Think of it as a branch of your company.

By locating your Nearshored Talent in Colombia, you benefit by being in the same time zone, working with a culture that is similar to the U.S., accessing a highly educated and talented workforce, and saving costs due to a lower cost-of-living.

As a third party provider, all Training, Professional Management, and Benefits are provided by Hubtek.

Other than Technology, how can EFTIG help me grow my company?

EFTIG and Its Partners help companies through Coaching, Training, Strategic Planning and Networking.

1. Coaching

Coaching provides the direction and discipline to ensure the success of an organization. Through its methods and processes, it ensures people, teams, and organizations achieve their goals and objectives.

2. Training

Training is focused on the skill development of the individual. Through hundreds of operations and sales training modules as well as management and executive training we will help transform your business

3. Strategic Planning

We can offer strategic planning tools that allow your company to develop and manage a successful growth strategy.

4. Networking

You will be able to share your products and services with a broad network of businesses from the Logistics Industry.